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Drone Photography

Drone Photography: Taking Your Project to the Next Level

Is your video, ad, or documentary missing something? If you need stunning overhead footage of your location or event, consider hiring Phaeros Films to provide high-definition drone photography. These small and highly mobile video platforms are capable of documenting new buildings, creating new angles for your outdoor video, and reaching heights that cranes and platforms simply can't achieve. With a professional pilot at the controls, your video will take on new life.


Our drones assist in creating virtual tours for real estate sales, give your wedding video added fillip, and can give your fishing derby some serious action. Drones can maintain speed while following vehicles, fly through windows for that seamless scene change, or hover to document real time experiments. Is there a shot you want for your social media post, but lack the skills to make it happen? Click or call Phaeros Films for pricing and services today.

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