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Social Media Content Creation

Our Social Media Content Creation Connects You with Your Future

Is it time to go viral with your latest product or business venture? You need an eye-grabbing gif, short video, or creative infomercial ready to be launched across all social media platforms. We are here to help with your endeavor at Phaeros Films. You bring the new idea, we will provide the cameras, technicians, and direction required to put the focus on your brand and share it with the world through social media content creation.


Grab Their Attention and Create Clicks with Video


When you purchase our digital content creation package, we will take focus on generating the kind of videos and images that get curious customers to learn more about your business. Half the battle in growing a following on digital platforms includes providing new and interesting content on a daily or weekly basis to maintain interest. In post-production, we can mix and match the footage to maximize the variety of posts so you will make a bigger splash each time that you share.


Shoot Your Product in Motion to Convert Sales on Social Media


No matter which platform you use, most users will keep scrolling past static words that lack graphics and motion. Our full video production business will give you the chance to optimize every piece of content. We use drones, hand-held, large format, and still photography so your brand will have a complete library ready to roll out across the internet.

Click or call Phaeros Films today and inquire about all of our digital content creation products. No matter your location, we can travel to you or opt for a unique spot that best highlights your products or services. Before you have time to think, you will have the right content designed to create clicks, buzz, and success.

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