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Video Production

Move Your Product Forward with Quality Video Advertising

Expand your audience and grow your business by bringing your brand to their small screens. Phaeros Films provides you the crew, cameras, and video production skills required to turn out quick clips, trailers, commercials, and full-length features. Position your product on all the right platforms when you have the right video advertising in your library.


Color, Motion, and Sound for Premium Product Exposure


No matter what your product or service may be, first you must grab your customer's attention. Video advertising is king in these modern times, appearing on phones, laptops, and televisions at all hours of the day. Give us a call, and we can help you make a spot encouraged to grow visits to your website, interactions, and more complete purchases. Do you have raw footage ready for compilation? We will provide the direction needed to polish it into content ready for mass consumption.


Create a Promo to Share Across all Social Media Platforms


We offer the expertise needed make the static images, motion clips, and complete advertisements able to get a scrolling customer to pause, watch, and click. We specialize in drone photography, able to bring your video to the next level with unique angles and imagery. Sell your service, connect with clients, demonstrate product use, or introduce a new and exciting concept. Once we complete your video clips, you will have a complete arsenal to breathe new life into your social media pages.


Would you like to learn more about all of our video production services? Give Phaeros Films a ring or click to inquire about rates, equipment, and available products. Located in central Florida, we offer easy access to locations highlighting beaches, tropical settings, urban neighborhoods, or rural areas. We can coordinate shoots on set for better focus on your product or service.

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