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Young and Old Hands
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Capture their story

The stories of your past are precious treasures, and unless they are preserved, those stories will be lost to time. With a legacy film, those stories can live on as a 30 - 45 min interview-style documentary of your loved one's life, featuring personal photos and videos. Give us a call, or fill out our contact form to learn more.

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The Legacy Process

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Interview Session

First, schedule your interview session. This 2-hour multicamera filming session is when we capture the telling of your story. This can be done from the comfort of your home or any other location. A list of questions and prompts will be emailed before the session to help guide the interview; however, what you share is completely up to you!


Asset Acquisition

Your Legacy Film will include photos and videos from your life to enhance the telling of your story. After filming your interview I'll have you upload any photos and videos you would like to add. Photo scanning of physical pictures is included. Digitizing of footage on VHS is available as an add-on.

Family Photo Album


Recieve your film

Your film will be edited and finished in 2 - 4 weeks. Once it is ready it will be available for download through Google Drive. Your film can also be delivered in a Motionbook as an add-on.

Film Reels

Film Archive



Feature Documentary

( 30 - 45 minutes )


- Two-hour, multicamera interview session.

- Incorporation of family photos and videos. 

- Scanning of family photos included if necessary.


Enhance your story.

Gardening Together

Additional Shooting Sessions

Add another 2 hr shooting session to enhance your final product. Schedule a "Day in the Life" session to capture footage of your loved one doing their favorite things.

Film Reels

Video Digitization

Do you have precious memories stored on VHS tapes? Our video digitization add-on service can extract your footage and use it to tell a more compelling life story. Up to 45 min of footage.

Video Editing Timeline

Short Film (9-12m)

Want to share your story with others? Add a 9 - 12 minute short version of your documentary. 

Motion Books
Add-on delivery method

Have your Legacy Film made into a Motion Book. Perfect as a coffee table gift.

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I'm Brandon Miles,
Owner of Phaeros Films.

I would be honored to capture the memory of your loved one through film, letting their story live on for generations.  

Quality Time

Get in touch

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Feel free to call or email!

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Financing available.

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